One man's personal dream of a world symphony has become a reality by the release of his first album through the AMAdea Records label based in Bulgaria.

There are around 6.7 Billion people living on our planet according to the latest U.S. Census Bureau estimate and one person from the multitudes has now begun counting a large number of people to his quickly multiplying fan base.

This New Age artist has also caught my attention and can count me in as a member, adding to his total tally of electronic symphony fans. Those who like to indulge in the atmosphere of premium electronic projects that challenge the vast boundaries of synthesized music with Classical influences, can also be added to the register if you sample some of his carefully arranged numbers.

Bryan El is the composing musician having this master plan of sharing his creative New Age Electronic projects with the masses in a calculating manner.

Speaking in a universal language by translating his thoughts and feelings in total harmony, Bryan El has a great start with his first official release titled Out Of This World.

Belgium is the geographical location where Bryan was educated and currently lives, beginning his number one music ambitions after having studied Graphical Arts at Belgium's Holy Technical Institute. We are fortunate his love of music surpasses his professional career and interests in web design and it sounds like he is well on his way to gather everyone's attention with his great compositions.  Bryan has also composed several videos that are available on YouTube. The wonderful theme settings with his soundtrack scores are truly special and worth taking a look for yourself. The planetary voyage video, along with his song score Solaris is posted below to give you an idea of what is in store for you.

The Out Of This World album is aptly titled, giving the listener an indication of the contents of Bryan's dreamy music. The synthesizer mixing is very impressive and Bryan leads the way with a Classical New Age touch, where Electronic, Contemporary, Ambient, and Chill Out, count every beat in unison while examining the incalculable depths of what synthesized music is all about, and what can be formulated from the use of electronic components and just one individual person.

Solaris is the song score for his stunning trip around the universe video that travels past the planets at light speed and then encircle the young star cluster formation Eagle Nebula.

Solaris starts the planetary trek at a nice clip and premium up beat tempo, along with a strong atmospheric ambiance that conforms perfectly with the classic space odyssey of a lifetime . While upper keyboard runs first travel beside the lower bass melody in a classic theme, the return melody advances along with a well directed synthesized orchestra, blending nicely with percussion enclave enhancements.

Utopia reaches upward for the ultimate in Classic Electronic music by a divine celestial presentation . Choir vocals sing in total harmony while the infinite extensions of a synthesizer bend and stretch atmospheric notes far beyond their intended limitations , reaching those lofty sensation textures true connoisseurs of synthesized music know so well, can easily identify when heard, and that recognize and merit as a true form of art.

Above and Beyond is also a song title in the 13 tracks on this album, but I reserve this song title to phrase my closing statement of what I expect the future holds for this great New Age artist.  From what I have seen and heard, Above and Beyond is what we can expect, and you can pretty much count on it.

-Review by John P. Olsen